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How to start trading Forex?

To operate in Forex it is necessary to have a strategy that allows you to take advantage of the rapid changes and market circumstances. There is no short way to develop a strategy, it is necessary to put it to the test in different situations. This means that all trader must invest a time considerable in the analysis of graphics, in the reading of news and keeping is updated of the ads economic- Trading.

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As any profession, is important be tanto of them quotes of them pairs of currencies in which is interested in operate and in do a research about the topic. Before trading in any pair in particular, it is important to make a questionnaire with questions and find the answers. Some of the questions that this questionnaire could include are:

What so strong is the economy of the country to with relation to it of the country B in this moment? This question can respond by looking at the current gross domestic product, the unemployment rate and the indicators of production, among others.

Is it one of these currencies considered as a safe haven? Historically, the dollar was always considered a currency safe but this could change by different causes as the crisis of the ceiling of debt of United States.

How has reacted the currency against different news in the past? Take a look at the behavior of the currency allows traders to make an analysis in perspective with respect to how the currency might react.

Be informed

Once you have identified that moves to a currency in particular, is primary follow them news. There are multiple resources, since newspapers specialized in finance to web sites, which may vary depending on the country. If you choose to operate in a given pair, it is always convenient to be updated of the economic situation in both countries.

There are some ads economic that are fundamental have in has because impact in the market, as the rate of unemployment in United States or them ads of the Bank Central European as regards the political monetary, for example. In all cases, always must be careful in how it impacts on the pair.

It analyses key always is key for the Forex, but also it is the analysis technical. Them graphics allow understand as the different news have impacted in the crossing of currencies historically, view points of return, identify them levels of support and resistance and discover trends. Once has made this analysis, you will be more easy to learn to interpret them updates of the market and its position of face to the future.

What is FOREX- Trading


The exercise can be exhausting at times, by which traders must be selective. It is advisable to choose a currency specific to start and learn what to do and what not to do. Each pair is correlated to some extent with the financial markets. For example, the pair USD / JPY is possibly any correlation with the Nikkei. To identify correlations, it best is see the graphics since the process of display always can help to eliminate doubts.

When the market is moves quickly, them traders more experienced know that must trust in their strategies, what never should be do is leave is lead by them emotions and change the strategy once already is has developed and since underway.


It is best to use a limited number of indicators, since a variety can cause much distraction. There are many traders operating in Forex using only one indicator, as for example supports and resistances. It is important to analyze which indicators are most adapted to our needs of trading.

Finally, develop a strategy balanced incorporating analysis fundamental and technical, with a number limited of crosses of currency can lead to a trading of Forex successful.


Forex successful, Forex, market, traders, United States, currency, Forex,  strategy, start trading Forex, Trading

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