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investment in forex All the advantages

The advantages investment in forex: the financial markets are very wide and there are plenty of options for all tastes and pockets. In this article I want to explain why I choose the Forex and I give you my eight reasons to do this, we start:

investment in forex.

The advantages of investing in forex, “open 24 hours

todas-las-ventajas-de-invertir-en-forex-se-puede-vivir-de-forexEl Forex this available 22.00 h from Sunday to Friday at 22:00 for five consecutive days and allows us to from any terminal with internet access from every corner of the planet, eliminating the gap or cuts on the market that can make a big difference in the final result, with the only Forex have one every week is Friday to above mentioned Monday opening and closing.


Speaking in terms of volume of business, we are talking about Forex is 50 times greater than the New York market which is the largest in the world, so when we think the markets or values better known, are only a small part of the volume that represents the Forex.

Operating with reduced initial capital

Anyone with $100 or less can be started in the Forex, this is so due to the possibility of what now, explain the concept of leverage. Although this amount is very small we recommend are larger to be able to operate and that therefore, the benefits are greater, being said amount an amount intended for this purpose and not condition our economic stability.

forex trading 

Leverage 100:1 as little…

Thanks to the advancement of the capital they have managed their financial institutions financial markets allow that if for example we operate with a thousand dollars, we invest with the leverage as if we had a hundred thousand dollars, putting at risk in a theoretical manner the thousand dollars of initial capital, this is leverage, we use the market and we use their tools to enhance earnings possibilities. investment in forex.

Variety of coin or currency pairs

The most known are the dollar with regard Yen, pound, Euro, franc, and dollars from different countries, and if. There are also other interesting pairs to operate that they are adding to the variety that exist.

Reduced operational costs

This market is known to be one which has lower transaction costs compared with other markets.

When turned to the so-called Brokers (intermediaries) essential step to operate, they have two scales to enable us to operate:

Spread: applies a different purchase and sale price and this is your gain.

Large + spread: some lowered the cost of the spread in Exchange for a fixed or variable cost for each task.

Gains in both market trends

Badges allow us operating in markets with uptrend or downtrend, bearing in mind that if we speculate correctly no matter if the price or lower.

Geographic availability.

It is not exclusively for the Forex but possibilities of Forex are great as anywhere we can operate without being a fixed site to do so, and before the widespread availability of regulated brokers and platforms that are on the market.

It is for these eight reasons why I am inclined to the market Forex Trading and also click Binarias, I hope your comments. investment in forex.

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