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metatrader 5: Guide functionality and download click here

Guide functionality.

metatrader 5. The trading platform is a tool of the trader that allows trading in financial markets. The platform includes everything you need to trade successfully online: trading, technical analysis of quotes and fundamental analysis, automated trading, as well as the possibility of trading using mobile devices. Apart from all that, the trader can work not only with Forex instruments, but also operate with options, futures and shares in the stock market.

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On the platform there are many ways to carry out the commercial activity.

The platform supports four schemes of execution of orders: execution snapshot (Instant Execution), execution by request (Request Execution), execution of the market (Market Execution) and per bag (Exchange Execution).

The trader has to his disposal all them types of orders, including them of the market, pending and them orders Stop. This variety of orders and their modes of execution allows the operator to carry out virtually any trading strategy to operate successfully in the Forex or stock market.

In addition, there are the possibilities of trading directly from the graphic and of the trading with a just click.


Algorithmic trading

Virtually any trading strategy can be formalized and implemented in the form of an expert advisor that tradee automatically for you. The nocansa and no robot is affected by the stress, exactly follows the programmed algorithm, and react more quickly to changes in the market.

The trading platform provides everything you need for custom development: a powerful individual MQL5 language with the integrated development environment, multi tester for testing and optimizing strategies, as well as the free library of the robots.


Mobile trading

Smartphones and tablets are indispensable trading when you are away from your computer.

Use special versions of the platform on your iPhone/iPad and Android devices for trading in financial markets.

The functional performance of mobile platforms will surprise you: will have at its disposal the full support of the commercial functions, extensive analytical capabilities with the support of the indicators and other graphic objects, and since then, all that from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

In addition, the mobile platform allows you to read financial news and their e-mails, if how to exchange instant messages with anyone on the most popular community of traders MQL5.community.


Additional services

The trading platform provides not only costly tools for trading, but also many additional services.

It has at its disposal the social trading possibilities: service signals. If you don’t have time to operate on your own, you can copy the operations of an experienced trader. Choose a sign of thousands that exist, subscribe in a couple of clicks, and platform will begin to repeat directly in your account.

The market is a place where you can buy or download bots and most modern technical indicators. You can make the purchase directly from the platform, the process itself is very simple and safe.

If you have not found the necessary program, you can order their development at the Freelance service professionals. The work of the service is built safely: payment is made only when the custom is complete and once you confirm your result.


For trading with robots and copy signals 24 hours a day, you can rent virtual hosting directly from the platform.

For Download free  go to the official Metatrader page:



metatrader, metatrader 5, trading,  platform, trading platform.

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