Video. The American police kill unarmed black man whose vehicle had broken down- Terence Crutcher

Vídeo viral – Terence Crutcher

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An agent of the police of Tulsa, Oklahoma, shot and killed an unarmed black whose vehicle was damaged in a road, in which points to a new case of alleged police violence against AfricanAmericans in the United States.
Authorities today made public the video of the incident last Friday and that the Chief of police in Tulsa, Chuck Jordan, called “very worrying”.
To the deceased, identified as Terence Crutcher, of 40 years, is you had damaged the truck in an area forest of the city to which arrived several patrols of agents.
In the video is appreciates how Crutcher, hands in high, walking towards his truck followed by the agent Betty Shelby, that you points with a gun and to which quickly isunite others two policemen, that also s.o.b. their weapons against the African-American.
After a few seconds, Crutcher, apparently, lower his arms to look for something in the interior of the vehicle through the driver‘s window, when he gets at least one shotof Shelby and collapses on the pavement.

Terence Crutcher died in the hospital shortly after.

terence-crutcher-killed-by-american-police- Terence Crutcher
“We will do the right thing, we don’t hide anything,” said today the police commander, detailing that the video, which saw with the family of Crutcher, “is very difficult tolook at”.
At first, a police spokesperson had claimed that Crutcher refused to obey the ordersof the officers, including the uphold the arms.
Jordan also called on the community to “keep the peace”, after similar cases occurred earlier this summer preceded the murder, in isolated incidents, of five uniformed in Dallas (Texas) and three in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the hands of two African-Americans who manifested their hostility by the police.
Both Shelby and other agent identified as Tyler Turnbough were suspended of employment but not salary – the usual procedure in these cases–until the investigation concluded.
The United States Department of Justice announced the opening of an independentinvestigation of “civil rights” to the one run by the Tulsa police.


Damario Solomon-Simmons, the family‘s lawyer called the video “disturbing”, and accused police of letting die cruelly Crutcher in the soil, since agents not attended iteven had a time of the shot.
The twin sister of the deceased, Tiffany, for its part, was especially upset by the comment from an agent who described to Crutcher as a “bad guy”.
“We are killed, all the family is miserable. “The bad guy was father, was bad guy was the son, the bad guy was enrolled in Tulsa Community College to make us all proud, that bad guy loved God and sang in the church every weekend, said the sister ofthe deceased.
Civil proderechos organisations demanded the immediate arrest of Shelby and thatis charged by criminal charges for murder.
In may, a 74 year old man who worked as an Executive for an insurance company and also as a volunteer for the Tulsa County Sheriff was sentenced to four years in prison, found guilty of murder in the second degree, by shooting dead a black citizen disarmed by 2015.


American police kill unarmed black man, agent, police of Tulsa, Oklahoma, shot and killed, unarmed, vehicle, Authorities, Terence Crutcher, Crutcher died, police commander, family of Crutcher, racism.


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