Top 5: family expenses

family expenses

Marry  and form a family is an of them great joys of the life, but all this brings a series of expenses and bills that many times not had planned. Any father or mother can attest to this list of family expenses and recommend some tricks to save- family expenses :

family expenses , Electricity, Car insurance, Health insurance, Food, Mortgage, private health insuance


One of the favorite phrases of the fathers to the children, along with “put yourself to study” or “lie down already”, is “turn off those lights”. Children, obviously, do not lose time thinking if the light has risen this month or if it is better a traditional light bulb or one of low consumption. What is undeniable is that the electricity bill is oneof the great fears earlier this month, and who who knows more less that one Bill minimum is only the calm before the storm.

Car insurance

Car insurance is mandatory spending, but not at any price. Search, compare and choose. The loyalty to the company “of always has decreased as a result of the emergence of them insurance direct. Now the offer is much wider, It takes place three quarters of it with home insurance.

Health insurance

Not is mandatory, but each time more people choose by hiring a private health insuance  to avoid them long lists of expected that plague it security public. Parents consider it a guarantee of protection for their children, and, again, the offer is very large.

Food-family expenses

top-5-family-expenses, family expenses- car insurance

Not is it same feed is one same that give of eating to three or four. That without that kids don’t come with a loaf of bread under the arm, but you have to give you. Andmuch. To grow healthy and strong. Not going to spare a euro in this, but fill the truck of the purchase family is one of them costs more important of the month. There are also comparators of supermarkets which can help us to save on the monthly costof food by comparing.


If spending on food do you gladly, the mortgage raises more headaches; and the news about the Euribor not usually help to calm them. That Yes, best to get is and search the best option before put is in a mortgage because, as the marriage, is almost for all the life.
These are only some of the many expenses that has to face a family monthly. But there also has to be portfolio for the Bill for gas, gasoline, mechanical revisions tocars, child care, orthodontics of the girl, vaccines, textbooks for school, clothes, sunglasses, gifts and some, even for a pension plan. Too many fixed costs to not put an eye on savings.
family expenses , Electricity, Car insurance, Health insurance, Food, Mortgage, private health insuance

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