A girl of 12 years designed an application mobile that will help to those patients with Alzheimer’s disease- Emma Yang

A smart Girl- Emma Yang

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Worldwide, there are 44 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease that ischaracterized by progressive mental deterioration. The main problems of these patients in the early stages of the disease can go from not able to recognize his family,calling repeatedly on the phone to the same person, as well as forgetting the birthdays or dates of the most important events in the life of their family and friends.


Emma Yang

For these reasons, Emma Yang, a 12-year-old girl who lives in New York, decided todevelop an application to be able to communicate with her grandmother, sick of Alzheimer’s, living in Hong Kong.

emma-yang-eternal, Emma Yang

The app is called eternal (Timeless, in English) and hides a meaning special, helps to these patients to appreciate those moments eternal of the life.
Yang recalled that when he went to see his grandmother, this confused age and, believed to have 13 years instead of eight. He also began to have difficulties to recognize people and did not remember birthdays. “The disease caused her to forget manythings that were important to her”, tells Emma Yang the world.


Although they were not the only drawbacks, distance makes keeping in touch verydifficult, and the illness only worsened things. “We communicated us through photos that I sent you, but she does not always recognized to those who appeared in thepictures”, he says.


Then, he thought that through the power of artificial intelligence and mobile technology could help to those affected by Alzheimer’s, as her grandmother, keep in touchwith their loved ones.


In particular, the application is composed of two tools main. On the one hand it is the updates feature, which helps patients to see what they do their loved ones. Theirfamilies send them daily photographs of their activities through ‘Eternal’, and the ‘app’ used facial identification for tagging their faces and allow the user to recognizewho they are.


While the identify tool helps the Alzheimer’s patient to recognize family members and friends. Through the use of the camera of the phone mobile, is takes a photo of the person and the ‘ app’ performs a recognition facial. Then, it will tell the patient the name of that person and his relationship with her.


Also, if the affected by Alzheimer’s tries to call the same contact on two occasions or more during a period of five minutes, the application will remind you that you justcalled and asked if you still want to continue calling.


“I am passionate about technology and its application in the real world, and I believe that with its growing power, the problems that we face today can be resolved,” exposes the young creator of the ‘app’ ‘Timeless’.


For develop it application told with the helps of the PhD Melissa Kramps, specialist in the disease of Alzheimer in the Center medical Weill Cornell Presbyterian of New York and with the funding of it scholarship Michael Perelstein Memorial. In addition, it had support from their mentors, working in Kairos, the platform used to implement facial recognition application.


The passion for this promising young technology, comes from afar, since he began to be interested in coding and programming when he was eight years old. His first contact was through Scratch, a programming language for children, and immediatelylearned the development with HTML and CSS Web, the secrets of Java and to use applications such as MIT App Inventor.


Until the moment, ‘ eternal ‘ is only a prototype, but is is working on a version morefunctional to launch it soon to the market. Meanwhile, Yang has clear what wants ina future: “the development of applications for help to them people that are sick is something that, certainly, I would like to continue doing“.
applications, technology, App Inventor,  Alzheimer’s, application, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, Emma Yang, eternal, app, Hong Kong, disease, prototype


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