Choose a Forex strategy

Choose a Forex strategy

Forex strategy. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are the two basic Forex market strategies as it is the case with the heritage market. However, the analysis technical is themethod of analysis more recent and popular, that is used by merchants for individual of Forex. Here is a brief summary of two types of scans that you can perform to trade in Forex:

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Fundamental analysis
Now, if you think that it is difficult to value a company, try to enhance an entire country! Forex fundamental analysis is often very complex and is normally only used topredict long-term trends. Some operators, however, make fundamental analysis short term strictly on press releases. There are several indicators fundamental of them values of foreign exchange published in various periods of time:


  •  Nonfarm payrolls or NFP
  •  Index of productivity of purchase (PMI)
  • Index of prices to the consumer (CPI)
  • Retail sales
  •  Goods durable


Have in mind that these reports and releases of news not are the only factors fundamental to have in has. There are many meetings that must observe, as can detect some comment or quote that can affect the markets both as (but more) that any report. These meetings of Forex are often called to discuss issues of inflation, interest rates and other issues that could affect currency valuations.

Forex strategy

Even changes in how things are formulated to address certain issues, such as the comments of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve about interest rates, can cause a volatile market. Two meetings important that there are that have in features are the Committee Federal’s market open and hearings of Humphrey Hawkins.


Examine simply them comments and read them reports, helps to them analysts fundamental of Forex to get a better understanding of the trends of the market to longterm and allows to them operadres of Forex to short term benefit is of them eventsthat are out of it common. An important aspect of fundamental analysis is the economic calendar. This is a calendar created by economists where predict statistics economic and figures according to the data historical of them months earlier. Your broker may also be able to provide you with access to this kind of information in real time.



Technical analysis

To them analysts technical, as their counterparts in the markets of heritages, les likeanalyze them trends of the price. The only main difference between technical analysis in Forex and technical analysis of wealth is time. Have in mind that the markets offoreign exchange are open always them 24 hours.


This means that some types of technical analysts need to take into account the timeand modify strategies to work with Forex 24 hours a day. Some of the most common tools of technical analysis in Forex are:


  • Elliot waves
  •  Fibonacci
  •  Parabolic SAR
  • Points pivot



Forex strategy. Many technical analysts combine technical resources to build more accurate forecasting. (Often they combine them waves of Elliot and Fibonacci). Another built by repeatedly trading system simulating the conditions of purchase and sale.



Choice of strategy

choose-a-forex-strategy Forex strategy

Them merchants more successful develop and seek to refine their strategies of negotiation. Some is focused in the study or calculation, while others used the analysisof broad spectrum as a medium to determine their trades. The majority of the experts suggest that you try of combine the analysis fundamental to long term with the analysis technical for the short term. Of course, to the end, the dealer individual has that decide what works best for him.


Before to begin to operate in Forex, you need to open a has demo and trade of paper for practice is until can get a benefit consistent. Many people that do not have experiences lose quickly much money. To operate in Forex needs to take the time to learn.


Never be let carry by their emotions, reverse slow and quietly. Not is can perform afollow-up of all them points of stop-loss, if you not has the capacity to run on time.You should always place your stop-loss and take-profit points automatically. You must follow its decisions.


Follow the trends of the Forex market is a widely used strategy. Never operate against the trend, since going against a trend may result in lost all his capital. Operate with the trend maximizes its chances of success.
The market of currencies is the market more big of the world and much people is each time more interested in operate in Forex. But before starting operations, make sure that your broker meets certain criteria, take your time to find a trading strategy that works for you.
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