5 covers essential in a new car insurance

new car insurance

Without a doubt, for any driver will be more entertaining to decide which car to study what insurance suits most your new vehicle purchase. However, one thing is linked to the other, and is that if the user misses the hiring of their car insurance, you can lose lots of money in case of an accident.
More beyond of them particularities of each one, that van from the capacity economic of each driver to the type of vehicle that has acquired, there are some coverages that consider essential for any car new and that spent to detail.

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1 travel assistance

It assistance in travel is a coverage that incorporate the great most of cars insurance tothird basic next to it responsibility Civil compulsory (the only coverage of forced recruitment according to the law).


If it is included in the basal third of most insurance companies it is because pay attention to your customer when a fault, or any other circumstance, impedes that the car can continue circulating, is in the nature of any car insurance. However, this servicewill be more or less complete depending on each company.


There are that have in has that the assistance in travel provides service on the one hand to the vehicle and, by another, to the person. For the person is will occupy, for example, of provide a medium of transport alternative so the customer can get to hisdestination after suffer an accident / breakdown. However, some companies will provide this service from the kilometer 0 (from the same address declared in the policy), but others it will make from the kilometer 15 and others from the 25. Similarly, it may happen that the travel assistance is provided from kilometer 0 in an accident but from kilometer X in case of breakdown.

car insurance

For the vehicle, although the practice all of them companies of safe contemplate it assistance from the kilometer 0, this service can limit is to the trailer of the automobile and not cover incidents more common that avoided the transfer of the vehicle as it lack of fuel, the prick of a pneumatic, the loss of keys or the battery discharged. With regard to this last point, can give is the case of that any insurance include the assistance in travel from the kilometer 0.5, so not would be covered if, for example, youleave them lights lit by the night and, when going to start the vehicle by it tomorrow, not has battery.
Finally, in case of suffer a breakdown or accident that required leaving the car in theworkshop during several days, is suitable know if the coverage of assistance in travel includes the vehicle of replacement. It is a very expensive service to companies, almost none includes it in its basic policy, although it is possible to contract it by paying a small surcharge.


2 coverage against theft

5-covers-essential-in-a-new-car-insurance, car insurance

Your car is new, and therefore can be quite greedy for the “bad guys”. Of course, asbetter (or more expensive) has been the car, more risk will be of that suffer a possible robbery. And not only talk about that are completed on the car, which also, but that can open it and take some of their accessories, such as radio equipment; or stolen you wheels; or, even, of that are covered before an eventually theft or attempt of theft, that has caused damage in the body or it upholstery-car insurance.


It certain is that is more usual the theft of a vehicle new that the of one old, by which include this coverage in the safe of your car new will be a decision intelligent, more taking in has that not supposed an increase important in the price end of the policy.


Starting from there, when you make the comparison of insurance, pays special attention to services that provides this coverage. For example, the practice all of them companies will cover them damage of the vehicle by theft or attempt of theft. However, for sinister total (theft total of the vehicle), and although it most of insurance will offer the value again during the first two years, is possible that any compensation with the value venal (lower) from the first time or the second year. Also, an aspect important to check is if the service includes the coverage of them accessories not of series, as many times these must go detailed in the policy and its coverage will be an increase of the price of the same.


3. coverage against fire

In this case, unlike that in the robbery, the fact of being a new car incurs a greater risk of loss. However, his hiring is just as convenient since the money to recover in case of the accident is much more important than the slight increase in price involvedinclude the coverage in the policy.
This means that, in the vast majority of cases, when it comes of a new vehicle, the insurer you indemnify worth again in the event of total or partial damage. Of not havethis coverage contracted, if have the misfortune of that your car is see affected by afire without a third that assume it blames, your insurance not is liable and must assume the costs of repair by you same.
Again, you must have in has that although have contracted the coverage, many companies not cover them accessories not of series that not have been declared specifically at the time of hiring the safe.

4. coverage of moons

Next to theft and fire, moons is the coverage that complements to the RC and the assistance in travel in them safe to third expanded. Again, your relationship quality / price it converts in an of them coverage essential for a vehicle new, since its cost is very low and, instead, will allow that the insurance paid the compensation by damage caused in windshield, windows side and moon rear.
This coverage also includes labor workshop and, in almost all cases, damage to roofhatch if it is an element of a series of automobile.

5. own damage

Already know that the coverage of damages own is synonymous of safe to all risk, that to your time usually be antonym of safe of car cheap. Starting from thispremise, in the case of a new car, the cheap can get expensive.
Effectively, unlike that in the case of moons, fire and theft, include them damage own in the policy itself is an increase important in the price of the same. In addition, you must take into account makes this coverage against damages of the vehicle that isnot attributable to other coverage, so if you have suffered damage to your car froma fire, a robbery, or a break of moons, they already would be covered even withouthaving an allrisk insurance. So, why hire own damage?
Auque you consider a good driver, eventually can suffer an accident in which you‘re guilty and only this coverage would make facing them expenses of repair. In addition, incase of sinister total, to the treat is of a vehicle new, virtually all the insurance you compensate by value again the first year and many of them also during the second.


On the other hand, if like save money in the safe to all risk, can include a franchise,which will decrease the price of the policy but you will force to do facing a part of the repair. That Yes, if you do, remember that many insurers divide the vehicle in five parts:front, rear, left, right and ceiling. Ensure you of that your franchise of 150 euros (or 300, or 400) you requires to pay 150 euros in total, not 150 euros for each part in theevent that the collision has damaged several side of your vehicle-car insurance.
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